War of the Rifts

Welcome to New Elysifer.

Centuries ago, Elysifer was a developing world, full of rich history and varied peoples. Humans, elves, dwarves, and a myriad of other races lived in (relative) peace and harmony. In those days, Urewa was nonexistent, Altinlar was full of life, and Halkind was a simple country of farmers and fisherman. The orc population was small, under 2000 in the world. The rest of the world contained mostly the three main races. A few Halfling communities existed, but were shut off from the rest of the world, preferring their own company.

Magic existed in the world, although it was rare and practiced mostly in secret. The ancient magics that the world was created with were studied and practiced by cultish communities under the darkness of night or seclusion.

This era would last until the War of the Rifts, approximately 1600 years prior to our story. One night, across the globe, the world split. The rifts that were created leaked magical energy as well as frightful beasts. At first, it was simply new forms of life, such as dragons. Then aberrations began coming through the rifts, then demonoids.


At first, the world was awestruck and simply watched as these new beings invaded their world. However, when the fighting did break out, it was the world against whomever or whatever had let these beasts in. The dark magicians of the world were called upon to act in force to close these rifts and send the beasts back where they came from. They found that the rifts were two-fold: a rift between Elysifer and the realm of magic, and another rift between the magic realm and below, where the beasts were coming from.

The magicians noticed that their powers were growing the longer time they spent near the rifts. Soon, many magicians no longer wished to close the rifts, but to harness its energy. It was then that the magicians split in two groups: one to close the rifts, and another to preserve. For 10 long years, this conflict waged between the two groups. At first, it was simply mage on mage but soon mages drew countries to their cause and started a full scale war. Chaos ensued and soon, the rifts were all but forgotten, allowed to spread and spew forth their extraterrestrial invaders. Adding to this chaos, with their improved magical powers, some of the mages turned to darker arts to further their cause: necromancy, bodily possession, mind control.

It wasn’t until the founder of the Kesolt Citadel, Geroin Alk’dahl, proposed peace that the two sides saw reason and went back to the task at hand. Although, by then, it was much too late. The magicians managed to close the rifts from the magical realm to below. However; in order to close the rift from magicka to Elysifer, all magic would have to be sacrificed. There would be no remaining magic in the world if the rifts were closed. Needless to say, the mages refused and instead contained the rifts and fashioned ways of harnessing their magical energy. Kesolt Citadel would be built atop one of the largest ones.

When the dust settled, the war was settled and all seemed well and good in the world. Although there were still monsters in the world, they were no longer numerous enough to be a threat. The dragons and demons went to the north and established their own communities in the mountains and the cold. They were not bothered as long as they remained in solitude.

War of the Rifts

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