The Isles of Kas'adun

Pronunciation: kas-u-dOOn

Capital City: Valtin Castle

Other Cities: Birgan Fort

Geography: Islands with tropical coastlines

Populated by: Humans, experts in naval knowledge of all sorts

The isles of Kas’adun are located west of the main land mass of Elysifer. Kas’adun contains vast beaches and tropical weather near the coast. However, as you move inland, Kas’adun hosts only deserts and sand.


Valtin Castle is the capital of Kas’adun and hosts one of the largest navel bases in Elysifer, rivaled only by Solin’s in Rian.

The western most country of Elysifer (when looking at a standard map). The two isles are governed by a single high seat, currently occupied by Dolhir Denaria, the king of Kas’adun. His seat is Valtin Castle on the southern island. The country has a long history of naval war and conquest. Its main resource is the sea and it makes use of it. They honor Undina, the goddess of the sea.

Most of Kas’adun is rocky cliffs, beset by high winds and high seas. Some of the coast to the south has beaches, but they are less than tropical. (Think Ireland/England climate.) The northern island is a bit colder, snowing soon after harvest. However, since most of the country is so rocky, farming is rare. Almost all of the goods produced on Kas’adun are from the sea. They have a huge fishing population. Any materials they need, they obtain from the sea. Their homes are carved into the rocks of the land. What they don’t have, they trade for. However, those who are not fishermen are usually military men. The naval fleets of Kas’adun are the most impressive in the world. They have to be since they are constantly harassed by raiding pirates from Cassius. The two islands are essentially forts with ships sailing constantly around.

The inhabitants of Kas’adun are not magical people. They look on those who use magic with unease. Their strength is in their navy, but otherwise they are simple people.

The Isles of Kas'adun

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