Pronunciation: pE-är-E-el

Capital City: Chassirion

Other Cities: Alarion, Eaneros

Geography: Surrounded by the sea, beaches, calm forests with tropical trees

A secondary location for learning magic. It is rumored that within Piarhiel’s capital city, dark magic and necromancy is practiced and taught.


Piarhiel is a distinctly dark country. Their politics, citizens, and even parts of their sky are dark and less than reputable. It is known that those magic users that still wished to use necromancy as well as any warlocks honoring the dark gods created Piarhiel after the War of the Rifts. The capital, Chassirion, has their own version of the Kesolt Citadel; Sevolk Sanctuary. Sevolk spreads across most of the southeastern peninsula of Piarhiel. It is rumored that countless experiments, sacrifices, and tortures occur there. The highest place of power is the Grembrolt, a position held in secret to all but the highest at the sanctuary. The Grembrolt appoints the official representative that the rest of the world outside Piarhiel sees. This representative is known as the Yeltok. At the moment, Yeltok Frens Reagor holds this position.

Now, during the War of the Rifts, there was a certain magic user that came to light. He was a warlock, a necromancer, and evil all around. His name was Telosp Feakeif. He waged war against the magic users of light and it is rumored that he was the reason the rifts had been opened in the first place. Although he eventually was defeated and the rifts sealed or contained, it was from that moment that most of the magic users of the world vowed to disallow necromancy. Although some disagreed, Talsworth was created with that mindset and, to this day, the high magic users of the Kesolt Citadel will not perform necromancy or allow it within city limits. Although they acknowledge that some clerics with the proper training and blessing from their gods may do so, they will only steer someone to Nerutaten, where they must overcome trials to prove themselves worthy of a necromantic revival. Any magic user caught performing necromancy in the city will be driven out or, possibly, arrested….even executed depending on the necromancy performed.

Meanwhile, Feakeif established Piarhiel in the hopes of keeping all arcane knowledge alive, forbidding nothing. Where Sevolk Santuary is now was a rift, now known as Feakeif’s Treasure, which Sevolk was built upon. It is rumored that this rift was not closed completely and may act as a gate to Below from Elysifer, although that has not be known or proven outside of the Sanctuary.


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