Pronunciation: ka-lin-dO-mär

Capital City: Darfield Fortress

Other Cities: Amberwell

Places of Note: Criwilm Loch, the central Lake

Geography: Tropical forests, some jungles

Populated by: Halflings


While the capital of Kalindomar is technically Darfield Fortress, a cold hard stone castle to the south of Criwilm Loch, inhabited by humans as cold as the stone they live in; halflings are the biggest population in Kalindomar. Inhabiting the rich valleys of the mainland, they have made their communities nestled in snug hill barrows, mostly to the north of Criwilm.

Amberwell is another city within Kalindomar. Located on the border with Odialoa, Amberwell exists as a trade hub from the mainland of Elysifer. Kalindomar, however, is the last stop for trade caravans as there is no point going to Esimoyar or Crastin, as no consumers would be found there.

The halflings of Kalindomar are simple people. They tend to keep to themselves, keeping their interaction with outsiders to trade and naught else.


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