Pronunciation: Kas-E-us

The island of Cassius: a floating, mobile island…if you could call it that. The hulls of the most fantastic ships, now hollowed out, protrude out from this wondrous city. Five gigantic ships, each easily could’ve carried five times the crew of any normal vessel, slung side by side. The fearsome and beautiful figureheads adorning each of these ships are magnificent. The left two figures: a great beast of the sea, a leviathan, and the beautiful goddess of the sea, Undina. The right two figures: a watery demon with fins instead of wings, and a mermaid, vicious with claws reaching towards the horizon to slash anyone in her path. The center figurehead was the island’s pride and joy: an enormous dragon, three times the size of the other figureheads butc just as magnificent and just as malicious. The green and gold color of its scales flashed in the sun, blinding oncoming vessels and preventing detection by looking glass from the shore; for this was no island of ordinary people.

Cassius was a haven to those outcast from all other lands: pirates, murderers, thieves, marauders. They specialized in black market trading of the goods they pilfered from the towns they pillaged and burned to the ground. They have a love of the sea, but even more of a love (or perhaps an addiction) to their booze, recreational activities, and a newly developed substance born from the coral off the eastern shores mixed with the minerals extracted from the mountain peaks of the northwest, cooked over a fire until a crystallized form was made. Whatever the effect of this drug was, it got quite a large market in a short amount of time. Those on Cassius made up almost half of that market (in amount they bought, not amount of customers).

What is known about Cassius, since the pirates are a secretive people, other than the burning and pillaging they do along the coast, the only hint at the lifestyle is a short journal within an anthropological record penned by Galvin Resortun, the 18th High Wizard of the Kesolt Citadel, called The Mysteries of Cultures.


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