Pronunciation: al-tin-lär

Capital City: Dewlan

Geography: Densely wooded forests

Populated by: Bears and other such beasts


Before the War of the Rifts, Altinlar was a cold, yet cultured country. Advanced in government, they had restricted the power of their monarch through a constitution and established a legislative branch for both federal and provincial governments.

Altinlar’s last queen, Queen Adelaide II, was kind and generous. When the War broke out, she sent as many of her magical advisors as she could spare to aid the effort to close the rifts. When her magicians asked for military aid, she sent her army and her best generals. As the war went on, her armies required sustenance. She sent them the country’s food reserves.

She was so generous, but she did not know that the open rifts would bring other, unwanted visitors to her lands. Driven out from the central countries by combat, these new creatures spread north and brought with them a deathly cold. As winter came early, Altinlar was blanketed with snow. Deprived of food, the citizens began to slowly starve, their unready crops dying in the fields. Their army sent away, when the vicious invaders attacked, there was no resistance to be found. Adelaide’s generosity soon became her peoples’ deaths. Those that could flee did. Those that could not were slaughtered or starved.

It was in the midst of her country’s road to ruin that Adelaide received a missive: her army had been destroyed, her magicians had turned against reason and were practicing necromancy. As a final act, she banished her magicians, forbidding them from returning to Altinlar ever again or they would face their deaths. That evening, she committed suicide.

Altinlar fell into ruin and the once beautiful Dewlan Castle was abandoned. To this day, none risk the effort or the danger of living in Altinlar. Many believe it to be cursed.


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