Welcome to the land of Elysifer.

The Land of Elysifer
This is a land with many countries with (mostly) defined borders. (In-game they are defined. Right now, out-of-game, we can establish what the borders are based upon which countries you guys want to create.)

We start our journey in Talsworth Stronghold, a center of magical energy caused by a smaller rift. This city is the capital of the country of Halkind and home to its rulers, King Absolth and Queen Rinali. Contained in Talsworth is their castle as well as the Kesolt Citadel, a wizard hall which claims as much power over Talsworth and Halkind as the monarchy does.

Northeast of the city, a path stretches from the city to Talko Port, a small center of trade within Capsfir Bay. Talsworth protects this bay and are rarely troubled by the pirates raiding on the coast.

The Rift of Sul'thun